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Mpavilion 2022 // Care and waterscapes in Melbourne: regenerating our relationship with water

This event was held on 19 February 2023 as part of the Mpavilion 2022 program.

Hey there! Did you hear about this awesome workshop in Melbourne? It was all about exploring our relationship with water and understanding how water takes care of us, just as we take care of it. The workshop was a collaboration between some minds behind APR, including Alex Faustino, Ana Lara Heys, Nicolas Guerra and Paloma Bugedo (she live-designed the amazing whiteboard you see below!), and people that came over that day.

The workshop was a platform for participants to come together and discuss how Melburnian society relates to water and other non-human entities that form a part of our local waterscape. Drawing on our lived experiences and knowledge, we delved into the relational systems governing how we deal with water in cities. The discussions also explored how power operates through these relationships, highlighting the inequalities that hinder the creation of more balanced social and ecological systems.

The workshop was held at MPavilion, where we collectively imagined an alternative future for waterscapes in Melbourne. We asked ourselves what our responsibilities are and how we can bring opportunities to the forefront to create positive change. The atmosphere was electric, and everyone contributed to the discussions with passion and enthusiasm.

Through this collaboration, we gained a deeper understanding of the complexities of our relationship with water, which is essential for building a sustainable future for ourselves and the environment. Overall, the event was a tremendous success, and we thank everyone that came and helped us make it happen!

During Melbourne Design Week 2023 will be facilitating a Ritual/Workshop/Walk (we can't decide what to call it, it will be all of that!) also themed around water and care. We want to open it by publishing a zine summing up reflections we had and contributions people made during the Mpavilion event!

So please, grab your free tickets here: Regenerating a body of water: a walk with Birrarung-ga

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