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PRAXZINE #1 | Water & Care


In May, we launched our first publication during the event Regenerating a body of water: a walk with Birrarung-ga. Now, the wait is over – PRAXZINE #1 is here for everyone! Just drop your details in the form below to get your hands on it.

#1 Side A explores "Water & Care", based on an encounter we hosted at Mpavilion in 2023. It's all about delving into our relationship with water as we compile the learning, reflections, and inspirations in the ongoing development of our group praxis.

#1 Side B includes a guided group walk along the Birrarung, where participants are invited to reimagine their own relationships with water through play – developed in collaboration with N'arweet Carolyn Briggs and Troy Innocent (for additional instructions, please get in touch with us!).

Its format reflects the fluidity of our thinking and every page is a new beginning, where continuity and integration of knowledge are essential. While we take some space to tell stories of our practice, we also invite you to be more than a reader, a participant in this collective creation. Play with Praxzine, disseminate and adapt the ideas in it, and be part of our community. If you end up interacting with PRAXZINE #1, come back here and let us know your thoughts!

In case you can't see the form, please click on this link!

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