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Waste In Commons ~ Act II ~ MDW 2024

After some months of internal organisation, we are happy to announce the next phase of our project Waste in Commons!

You can read more about what we have been working on so far at Waste in Commons ~ Act I


At this initiative, APR is exploring waste as practice. We see ‘waste’ as a representation of the numerous and detrimental shortcomings of our economic and social systems, and we seek to reposition waste as a tool to stimulate conversation, collective action, and healthy alternatives to these system failures.

We, therefore, seek to contribute to the work already begun around ‘waste commons’ through further action and research ~ from separate but coordinated acts of moving beyond zero-waste to wasted space occupation and addressing wasted opportunities in education and collaboration, we can engage with the widest framing of ‘waste’ and the multiple ways we can (re)embed meaning and use.

WasteInCommons ~ Act II

As a first gathering for Act II, we are promoting an encounter as part of the program for Melbourne Design Week 2024!

1st of June | 1 to 3 pm | De Chene Reserve, Coburg

In this workshop, discover how waste, often a symbol of our economic and social system’s shortcomings, can be repositioned as a catalyst for conversation, collective action, and positive alternatives through breaking free from the traditional out-of-sight-out-of-mind waste management mindset and the burden of individual responsibility via ‘commoning,’ or transforming waste into an affective material and regenerative force.

Learn how collective management and stewardship, a practice of ‘commoning,’ can redefine our relationship with waste. Through this exploration, Waste In Commons stimulates dialogue about system failures and envision healthier alternatives.

Join for an afternoon of joyful conversations, shared commitment, and renewed relationships within the city’s overlooked spaces towards a future where waste becomes a tool for positive change.

We will be meeting at Radicle Roots Coburg Garden (De Chene Reserve) where Radical Roots collective is creating a community garden on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people, next to the Merri Merri Creek.

Be ready to get your hands dirty in the garden and to join us in conversation with:

The Alliance for Praxis Research

Alicia Rogers + Jacqui van Heerden (Food Forest Kensington)

Marisol Salinas (Catalyst Social Centre)

Radical Roots Collective

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