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Peer Picks ~ April 2024

Hi Melbourne! autumn finally arrived and it is here to stay. Luckily, this edition of Peer Picks has a lot of indoor activities for you to explore the city!

Welcome to the April edition of "Peer Picks" brought to you by The Alliance for Praxis Research! In this fortnightly blog post series, our members share a variety of recommendations spanning diverse categories. From leisure activities to thought-provoking reads, we've got you covered. Without further ado, let's dive into our members' picks for April 2024:


Alex ~ Wurrdha Marra

Category | Indigenous art

When | Ongoing, at NGV

Why are you recommending | Celebrating Indigenous art and culture, this fantastic exhibition showcases works from emerging to senior artists


Ana ~ Melbourne Conversations: From High Line to Greenline

Category | Wild, Urban and What?

When | 16 of April, Fedsquare, Melbourne

Why are you recommending: Hear about this urban renewal project that proposes a future for the Birrarung River.


Nick ~ Fairy

Category | Queer Art

Link | Fairy

When | Until 17 of May, Plataform Arts, Geelong

Why are you recommending | If you haven't been, Platform Arts Geelong is really worth the visit! Especially considering that this new exhibition, titled Fairy, has a radical view of queerness and desire. If you end up going in a sunny and warm day (unlikely now :( ), visit Geelong waterfront!


Corey ~ Brunswick Tool Library and Repair Cafe

Category | Repair and Reuse

When | Ongoing - check opening hours on Instagram

Why are you recommending: Learn about repair, keep your favorite things in use, and hang with cool peeps!


Stay tuned for more recommendations from our members in the next edition of Peer Picks. Please contact us here or on Instagram if you wanna share a pick as well! Until then, happy exploring!

~ APR is sharing content produced by others, we hold no authorship or responsibility.

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