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Peer Picks ~ March 2024

Welcome to the March edition of "Peer Picks" brought to you by The Alliance for Praxis Research! In this fortnightly blog post series, our members share a variety of recommendations spanning diverse categories. From leisure activities to thought-provoking reads, we've got you covered. Without further ado, let's dive into our members' picks for March 2024:


Alex ~ The Mushroom at the End of the World

Category | Reads to liberate your mind

When | Ongoing

Why are you recommending | Be inspired by how contamination and assemblages can guide flourishing from the precarity of capitalist ruins.


Ana ~ International Festival of Photography

Category | Visual pleasure

When | Until 24 of March, Melbourne

Why are you recommending: Four weeks of photography all over Victoria! Make a day or a few exploring the different precints and programs!


Nick ~ The Future of Global Peripheral Cities

Category | Brazil

When | Ongoing

Why are you recommending | Erminia Maricato, one of the most renowned academics in Brazil, explains here what it means to live in the Periphery of Capitalism. She has influenced my academic life profoundly and her powerful speeches kept me hopeful in the most difficult times. There is not as much content available in English from her, but I hope you get a taste of what she is constructing from this paper. If you can't download this via your library, let me know!


Corey ~ Paper Kites for Palestine

Category | Free Palestine

When | March 23rd, all day, Catalyst Social Centre ~ Melbourne

Why are you recommending: Pay tribute to the record-breaking 12,350 kites flown by Palestinian children in 2011 while denouncing the horrific death toll of children in the Gaza strip as a result of Israel's invasion.


Stay tuned for more recommendations from our members in the next edition of Peer Picks. Please contact us here or on Instagram if you wanna share a pick as well! Until then, happy exploring!

~ APR is sharing content produced by others, we hold no authorship or responsibility.

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