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The Alliance for Praxis Research (APR) is a collective formed by HDRs from Monash University and RMIT University with backgrounds in anthropology, heritage, design, urban planning, environmental studies, among others. The alliance between disciplines, institutions and practices creates spaces and encounters for social change and expansion of knowledge.


One of our intentions is to nurture transdisciplinary collaborations across faculties, research programs and labs, as academics are often confronted with the challenges to break through disciplinary and institutional silos. That is significant for students and early careers, particularly when coming from overseas, who are not familiar with universities’ organisation of research centres and local networks of scholars - especially in Melbourne, where several leading universities are located but improvements on their interconnections are still much needed.

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Our Story

On a chilly afternoon of April in 2020, five PhD students from different universities, disciplines and interests got together to have coffee, one of the few options people in Melbourne could do after their first Covid19 Lockdown. Some didn't know each other, some did, but they all shared one need: a space where their lives could expand beyond their research, creating new pathways for growth outside of institutions and inviting more like-minded people to join in.

Patchment scrolls began to roll, with many ideas. One coffee turned into weekly meetings online and in person to try to develop something that would mean anything. So after a few brainstorming sessions The Alliance for Praxis Research was created.

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