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PhD Candidate in Art, Design and Architecture (Monash University)

BA in Environmental Analysis and Management with honours (UFSCar, Brazil)

MSc in Urban and Regional Planning (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain)

MSc in Urban Engineering (UFSCar, Brazil)

A young scholar with practical experience, intrigued by cities, their people, and  complexities. What inspires me the most to do my research are the everyday life activities and experiences of culturally rich urban environments. My curiosity lies in understanding how invisible interactions and the own (co)existence of diverse bodies in public spaces can make people reflect, perceive, feel and experience urbanicity.


Much of what brings me to this context today is my lived experience as a queer, latino, immigrant, traveller, and nature lover person. My evolving identity is inevitably infused with my professional experience. The lenses I bring from my journey in the environmental analysis and ecology field help me to see the world as this complex ever-changing system of living elements, relations, and landscapes.



2020- Now

Monash University


Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain


UFSCar, Brazil

PhD in Art, Design and Architecture
My ongoing PhD candidature focuses on investigating how social diversity distribution relates to the urban space configuration and their combined outcomes on human interactions happening in public spaces.

MSc in Urban and Regional Planning

My second master’s degree, with a more practical approach. My life costs and research project were funded by Instituto Electro Brasil (Iberdrola Foundation).

MSc in Urban Engineering

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